Recreation Summer Camp

Summer Camp Registration for the 2022 season will be opening on Monday, January 3, 2022.

Camp registration will be done completely IN PERSON at the Summit Community Center, 100 Morris Ave, Summit, NJ. We will only open online registration once all in person individuals have registered should any spots remain.

Registration will begin in person at the Community Center at 7:00 AM. If you choose, you may line up outdoors prior to the beginning of registration. Doors will not open before 7:00 AM. We are opening early in order to accommodate working individuals.
Also, you may ONLY register your children. No one may register other individuals children.
REGISTRATION POLICIES FOR 2022 - A couple of things to take note of and a few new policies:
  • When registering, you must bring your child's report card as proof of what grade they are currently in and what grade they will be in next year.
  • When registering, you must bring your child's vaccination record. Please note this is their pediatric vaccine listing that can be obtained from your family doctor. This is not for the COVID vaccination. Having a copy of the vaccine record on file is mandated for camp licensing by the State of New Jersey.
  • Without a report card and vaccination record, we will not be able to process your registration even if you are here to register in person.

2022 Summer Camp runs TBA

Registration for the 2022 Summer Camp held at the Summit Community Center and Summit Family Aquatic Center.

CAMP SCHEDULE AND HOURS: Camp will run daily from TBA. Camp hours are 8:00 AM until 3:30 PM (Monday-Thursday) and 8:00 AM until 12:30 PM on Fridays. Se below for information on our new wrap around program.

CAMP COST: Camp cost is TBA for all eight weeks. In 2018, camp ran for six weeks and in 2019, camp ran for seven weeks. We strive to provide exceptional recreational programs for children all summer long, which is why we have added additional weeks (which also leads to increased cost).

This eight-week camp includes arts & crafts, special events & outings, sports & games. Campers can also look forward to both yoga and other classes, as well. Many special appearances are made by a variety of entertainers, including magicians, weathermen, and more! There is so much to offer.

Drop off and pick up are both at TBA.

Be aware when registering that there are three separate programs. There is the program for children entering first grade, the program for children entering second through sixth grade and the counselor in training program for children entering seventh through night grade.




Do you need childcare after 3:30? This year, we will be adding a wrap around program where children will be welcome to stay at the Community Center for a more relaxed, free structured “afterschool” type program. This program will run Monday through Thursday from 3:30 until 5:30 PM. You may add this program by the week for $25 per week.




This component of our program is open to ALL municipalities in the TryCAN Collaboration for children who require accommodations for their successful participation in camp. 

Your child will be placed into a group with a 1:3 ratio that will be a subsection of grade appropriate groups of our general summer camp program. This model allows for your child to have a little extra attention and receive supports they require, while also getting the full camp experience! All camp counselors will be students in Seton Hall's Elementary/Special Education Program. Please be sure to select the Inclusion Camp option when registering. If you have any specific questions about the inclusion program, please contact

Campers Entering First Grade 

Open to Children Entering Grade 1 (25 spots)

The Recreation Summer Camp is now open to children entering first grade. They will experience all the fun as the General Camp in a smaller group setting! Limited Spots Available!

General Summer Camp
Open to Children in Grades 2-6 (150 spots)

This six-week camp includes arts & crafts, special events & outings, sports & games, as well as afternoons spent swimming at Summit’s Family Aquatic Center. Campers can also look forward to both yoga and hip hop classes. Many special appearances are made by a variety of entertainers, including magicians, weathermen, and DJ Fusco! There is so much to offer.

Counselor In Training Program
Open to Children in Grades 7-9 (25 spots)

Assist Recreation Summer Camp Counselors in facilitating all programs and activities for Recreation Summer Campers. Counselors-in-training will still enjoy the full Recreation Summer Camp experience while learning the basics of what it takes to be a great summer counselor.

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