Muni Photo ID Cards

All members will be issued a bar-coded photo ID card. ID cards must be shown at the front gate of the Muni in order to gain entrance to the course

Returning Members

  • Do not discard photo ID cards. All ID barcodes are reactivated once registered for the current season.
  • If you have lost or discarded your photo ID card, a replacement card will be issued to you for a $10 fee.

Obtain a Replacement Card

  • Stop by the Community Center, 100 Morris Ave. A new card will be printed in-office once payment has been received.
  • Visit Community Pass, our online registration system.
  • Select 2020 Golf Programs & Membership. Click "Register Now!"
  • Check off the family member/s in need of replacement card/s.
  • Select "Replacement Card" and continue through registration process until payment screen is reached.
  • Replacement card/s can be mailed to a home address or picked up in-person at the Community Center, 100 Morris Avenue. *Please call or email the DCP if you would like cards mailed to your home address.

New Members

  • ID cards are required for all registered members ages 2+ (before Opening Day).
  • Proof of residency will be required prior to activating new photo ID cards. DCP staff members reserve the right to deny activation of ID cards without valid proof of residency (ex. government issued ID card, utility bill, etc.).

Pick Up ID Cards In-Person

  • ID cards are printed and can be picked up at the Community Center, 100 Morris Avenue.
  • Please have photos of all registered members available (printed or on a mobile device). Photos can also be emailed to the DCP prior to your visit.

Mail ID Cards to Home Address

  1. Community Programs

    Physical Address
    100 Morris Ave
    Summit Community Center
    Summit, NJ 07901


    Phone: 908-277-2932
    Fax: 908-277-2978