Yoga, Dance and Movement Programs

See adjusted spring dates below due to the COVID-19 Virus 

Yoga Dance and Movement

10:00-10:45 for ages 4-9
10:50-11:35 for ages 10+

Spring: Sunday, April 19 through June 14  - $140

In the dance and movement portion of class, children participate in a free expression workshop in a unique learned environment where they will get moving through original and traditional music and songs, creative movement, dance and rhythms, games, props that provide sensory stimulation, art and storytelling. These dance and movement activities will help build cognitive skills, fine and gross motor coordination, and skills in working with others while building self-esteem.

During yoga, children use breathing and relation techniques as well as fun poses and group games based on anatomy to learn respect for themselves, each other and the world around them. These yoga activities can help build strength, flexibility, balance, concentration, focus, attention, body awareness and awareness of breath. This class allows children to work with one another and build self-esteem.

Instructor: Melissa Hayek