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2024 Try Out Information

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  • SBC has migrated to a new system this year, SPORTSENGINE.   
  • Please follow the link above to register your player.  You cannot register on the old system!

Please note, that this is not the Department of Community Program's Civic Rec Registration Program. 

Tryouts are open to all Summit residents boys and girls grades 4-8.

Tryout dates, times and locations are listed below.  All tryouts are either at MS (Summit MIddle School) or HS (Summit HS) or the Rec Center.  There are two gyms at each site so please make note.    Please show up 15 minutes early to receive a pinnie.   All should wear high tops and bring water.  These will be closed tryouts and pick up will be outside the gyms afterwards.  

All Players are welcome to tryout!   Hope to see you all there!  

GradeGenderDay DateTime GymLocation
4GirlsMondayOctober 96:00-7:30 PMMuellers Middle School
4GirlsWednesdayOctober 116:00-7:30 PMMuellers Middle School
5GirlsMondayOctober 96:00-7:30 PMMainMiddle School
5GirlsWednesdayOctober 116:00-7:30 PMMainMiddle School
6GirlsTuesdayOctober 107:30-9:00 PMMainMiddle School
6GirlsThursdayOctober 127:30-9:00 PMMainMiddle School
7GirlsTuesdayOctober 107:30-9:00 PMAuxHigh School
7GirlsThursdayOctober 127:30-9:00 PMAuxHigh School
8GirlsTuesdayOctober 107:30-9:00 PMMainHigh School
8GirlsThursdayOctober 127:30-9:00 PMMainHigh School

4BoysTuesdayOctober 106:00-7:30 PMMuellersMiddle School
4BoysThursdayOctober 126:00-7:30 PM

5BoysTuesdayOctober 106:00-7:30 PMMainMiddle School
5BoysThursdayOctober 126:00-7:30 PMMainMiddle School
6BoysMondayOctober 97:30-9:00 PMMainMiddle School
6BoysWednesdayOctober 117:30-9:00 PMMainMiddle School
7BoysMondayOctober 97:30-9:00 PMAuxHigh School
7BoysWednesdayOctober 117:30-9:00 PMAux High School
8BoysMondayOctober 97:30-9:00 PMMainHigh School
8BoysWednesdayOctober 117:30-9:00 PMMainHigh School

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