NEXT EVENT: Try can egg hunt

April 1, 2023  from 1:00 PM at Summit's Cornog Field House @ 5 Myrtle Ave

2023 TC Egg Hunt

Join us for an easter egg hunt!  

Join us on Saturday, April 1, 2023 at Cornog Field House, 5 Myrtle Ave for our annual TryCAN Easter Egg Hunt!

In addition to the Egg Hunt, there will be prizes, easter egg dying, pictures with the Easter Bunny, dancing fun and more!

This is and event you don't want to miss and is a great time for the entire TryCAN community to come together for fun! 

Pre-registration through Civic Rec is requested, but not required (under the above link, select TryCAN Events!)

TryCAN Teen Mentors and Adult Volunteers will be there to help the kids have fun!  

The TryCAN program aims to offer the most comprehensive programs to both the children who we serve and their parents and siblings. At TryCAN, we believe that it is very important to bring families together frequently as a way to build a support community for the TryCAN families. 

Events are held frequently as a way for our kids to showcase what they may be doing in class, practice their social skills, and most importantly, have fun with their peers in classes and their families!

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