Pony Share Camps

Pony Share: PEP Program
Ages 3-6
$227 per child
Behind The Cornog Field House @ 5 Myrtle Ave

July 15 - July 18 (Rain? July 19) from 9-10:30 or 3-4:30
August 12 - August 15 (Rain? August 16) from 9-10:30 or 3-4:30

Participants will learn safety on and around the ponies, grooming techniques, basic riding skills, and other primary horsemanship skills. While this is not a Horseback Riding lesson per se, the program includes an exciting riding component whereas each child will get to ride about 20 minutes and learn how to properly mount, dismount, hold the reins and control the horse/pony at the walk and a few steps of trot.  Sessions aim to help develop confidence and motor-coordination skills while providing a supportive, fun, non-threatening environment for the participants as well as social interaction between them.  This is a participatory program for parents who so desire, so one may be asked to occasionally lend a hand. Parents/guardians must stay on location during the Program.  The perfect preparation for private or semi-private lessons for eager, young, aspiring Equestrians, or for subsequent, more advanced Pony programs! 

Pony Share: PGRP Program
Ages 7-13
Behind The Cornog Field House @ 5 Myrtle Ave
$275 per child

July 15 - July 18 (Rain? July 19) from 10:45-11:45
August 12 - August 15 (Rain? August 16) from 10:45-11:45

This unique 4-day Program provides an exciting and inexpensive hands-on introduction to the wonderful world of equines in a fun-filled and supportive atmosphere.  PonyShare uses camp-trained ponies and cobs (smaller and easier to handle than their larger equine counterparts).  Small groups of 4-5 children are formed according to age and prior experience, if any.  After reviewing safety rules, material previously covered and learning a new subject matter, participants are assigned their size-related pony or cob and each small group works under the tutelage of a qualified and motivated Counselor.  Some of the horsemanship skills covered may include:  Safety on and around horses; Basic Anatomy; Equine Senses & body Language; grooming, The Tack and Harness; English and Western styles; Barn Management; and Careers in the Industry.  Participants also get to ride or drive their charges for about 20 minutes during each Session.  This Program enhances team work, self-esteem, and camaraderie while helping develop a genuine appreciation and respect for the animals.  Course Materials are provided.  A winner by many…furlongs this Program is very popular and tends to book early!