Hill Valley Wrestling Club

The Hill Valley Wrestling Club is committed to building and supporting a youth wrestling program serving the communities of Summit, New Providence and the surrounding New Jersey communities. Through the sport of wrestling, the organization will foster the development of character, sportsmanship, teamwork, work ethic, courage, community, respect and honesty in all of our student athletes.

Core Principles

  • Fun:  Wrestling is a sport.  Sports are supposed to be fun.  At its most basic level, having fun is the primary reason to engage in the sport of wrestling.
  • Physical Fitness:  Wrestling provides student athletes with the opportunity to develop a wide range of physical skills and attributes –strength, agility, stamina and athleticism.  In the process, student athletes will develop a love for exercise and appreciation for physical fitness that will help to shape their lives going forward.
  • Teamwork, Camaraderie and Community:  Wrestling affords student athletes the opportunity to work together in a dynamic team setting that develops a sense of shared purpose, teamwork, respect, camaraderie and community.  Our student athletes will benefit from the shared experience and develop more quickly as individuals through the collective effort of the team.
  • Benefits of Individual Challenges and Achievement:   While pursued in a team setting, wrestling is an individual sport at its core.  Finding the internal resolve and courage to test oneself against another individual is a life altering experience that can help to positively shape an individual’s future.  
  • Character Development:  Wrestling develops character.  The longer that individuals choose to participate in the sport, the more that basic premise rings true.  The sport teaches, and ultimately requires, self-reliance, discipline, independent thinking, courage, passion, grit, toughness, honesty and self-confidence.  It is a sanctuary where individuals can test their mettle and explore the limits of their potential – inevitably finding those limits and committing themselves to pushing them back.  It provides the opportunity to reach for an uncertain goal with 100% of your heart and soul – requiring you to combine a well devised plan of action and reckless abandon simultaneously.  It is where greatness can be achieved – not through the act of winning but rather summoning the courage to step into the arena and truly go for it.  When done properly, this process is invigorating, emboldening and fun.  And yet, there is no mystery to it.   

Coaching Principles

  • Fun and Safe Environment:  We will focus on creating a fun and safe environment for our children to experience the benefits of this great sport.
  • Focus on basic wrestling techniques:  We will teach a few basic wrestling techniques and practice them repetitively with the goal of providing a foundation for the sport of wrestling.  These same basic techniques are applicable at the highest levels of national and international competition.
  • Process Orientation over Outcome Orientation:  We will focus on learning how to learn while not being afraid to fail.  We understand that nobody enjoys losing but recognize that a process orientation is crucial to longer term personal and athletic development.      
  • Understand the individual needs of each child:  We recognize that each child is different – physically, mentally and emotionally.  We appreciate that finding the courage to step out and challenge another individual can be intimidating and scary.  We will attempt to understand and meet the needs of each child individually.

Hill Valley Wrestling Club



In an effort to streamline the registration process, centralize the club’s information and finances, registration will be completed through the New Providence PAL.  The process is relatively straight forward but requires that Summit residents register with the New Providence PAL.  Once you have registered an account and are logged into the website, please click on the New Providence PAL (pictured below) and register your child.  Please direct questions regarding registration to Paul Ferrigno at pauljferrigno@hotmail.com.

Practice Schedule:

  • Novice Program (K-2nd): Saturday mornings 9-10:15 am at the Summit Middle School
  • Developmental Program (2nd through 6th): Monday & Wednesdays, 6-7 pm at New Providence High School
  • Advanced (6th-8th): Monday & Wednesdays, 7-8:30 pm / Wednesday 6-8 pm / New Providence High School\

Competition Schedule:  Schedule will be forthcoming.  Similar to last year, we will be attempting to limit weekday competitions and targeting Saturday mornings for dual / tri / quad meets, King of the Mats and tournaments.

Wrestling Gear:

https://hillvalleywrestlingclub2019.itemorder.com/sale (Wrestling Gear ordering is currently unavailable)

Again in an effort to streamline operations, we have set up an online store for gear orders.  Few comments:

  • Order Deadline:  Thursday October 31st (orders will be delivered directly to your home in Nov/Dec
  • Wrestler’s Package:  For those new to the program or returning wrestlers in need of new gear, the wrestler’s package is designed as a “one-stop” shopping bundle.
  • Returning wrestlers:  For those returning from last year, if your child’s gear still fits, purchasing new gear should be done at your discretion.
  • New wrestlers within the novice program:  For those who are new to the novice program (i.e. K-2nd grade) and are trying out the sport for the first time, the program will have “King of Mats” that are age-appropriate, but it is up to the discretion of the parents as to whether your child is ready to wrestle in any formal competitions.  If you believe your child is unlikely to compete in any formal competitions, purchasing gear is optional.
  • Wrestling Shoes:  Wrestling shoes can be purchased separately at local sporting goods or various online stores.
  • Parent’s gear / “spirit wear”:  At the request of several parents from last year, we included some basic gear for parents to purchase.